Novel emerges emphatically from the profound desire to consume art, literature and local culture, in both an aesthetically pleasing and tangible way. Consumption need no longer be such a dirty word. Much of Novel’s content is timeless, so once read, why have it cast to the landfills? Printed on thick, un-coated, renewable stock, Novel is as textural as it is textual. After all, it is still the palpable pulp we call paper that artists and writers turn to first as a medium for expression. With the majority of Novel being composed from the creative contributions of local writers and artists, it acts as a much needed platform from which talented individuals can build a portfolio, as well as inform the public of their work, websites and upcoming displays or events. Novel plays host to a plethora of art, media and prose, as well as previewing and critiquing upcoming local and cultural events. Still in its early stages, Novel is sure to transform through time and space as it becomes even more ingrained into the fabric of the cultural North-East. We pride ourselves on being a local publication with highly interactive qualities and our website offers you all the chance to comment on the content found within, as well as suggest new topics for upcoming issues and new ideas for features and editorials.


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